What is orthopedic massage?

massage-389716_960_720As compared to a luxury or “spa-style” massage, orthopedic massage is a more medical and therapeutic treatment using a combination of techniques such as myofascial release, sports massage, and neuromuscular therapy. While not necessarily “deep tissue”, orthopedic massage often feels deeper than traditional massage as it is working directly with the nervous system to release tight muscles and tissue.

How is it different than Rolfing®?

Orthopedic massage is recommended for those on the fence about Rolfing or seeking a more traditional massage therapy treatment. While similar to Rolfing in the use of myofascial techniques, orthopedic is tailored more to address a specific issue in the short-term, whereas Rolfing addresses the entire system, including a movement education component, over the course of the Ten Series. Both treatments are complementary to each other, with orthopedic being more of the “fix me now” treatment and Rolfing being more of the “help me fix myself so I don’t need to come in as often” treatment.